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Saving in Bed: Men with ED Switched to Cheap Viagra

Against the background of falling incomes, Americans began to choose cheaper generic drugs . In 2019, generics already occupied 79% of the pharmaceutical market. So, the popularity of generic Viagra exceeded the demand for the original drug. Copies of drugs are not always worse than the original, but there are cases when you can’t use them. Cheap drugs beat the market Analysts calculated the dynamics of demand for the 10 most popular drugs in the USA and their counterparts in 2015-2019. So, the share of 9 out of 10 analogue drugs from this list has grown over the past five years. Many …

New Study Reveals Viagra Could Help Women Avoid Emergency Childbirth

The active ingredient of Viagra, sildenafil, has passed the second phase of clinical trials as a means to prevent oxygen starvation in children in childbirth, the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology reported . Sildenafil dilates the blood vessels of the placenta and thereby enhances blood flow to the fetus. This reduces the likelihood that the mother will need to have a cesarean section if her baby begins to experience oxygen deficiency during labor. Contraction of the uterus during childbirth reduces the intensity of blood flow through the placenta, so if contractions occur very often and last a long time, you …

Why Does Viagra Cause Headaches?

There are many questions about contraindications or possible side effects of ED drugs. The question of whether Viagra can cause headaches arises very often. You need to know that no medication is 100% safe because any preparation can have contraindications and possible side effects, regardless of the state of your body. This means that no matter how healthy you are, you can experience some unpleasant reactions that you could not even think about before. Headache is one of those moments one should not forget about, so it makes sense to prepare yourself for some slight (and in some cases even quite …

Differences Between Male Viagra and Female Viagra

Modern pharmacies offer sex enhancement pills not only for men but also for women. This fact leads to the question of what is the difference between Viagra for men and women? Since the process of arousal in the male and female body occurs according to a different principle, the pills that enhance desire and support sexual function are different from each other.

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