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The healthcare industry as a whole is looking for ways to improve communication, data sharing and collaboration. Disparate data, disconnected systems and fragmented workflows hamper efforts, leaving health plans and providers without the essential details they need to positively impact member health.

CareRadius is the collaborative care suite providing BIG solutions in healthcare technology.       

EXL is dedicated to the advancement of healthcare collaboration through technology solutions that capture relevant information and share that information to improve health decisions and optimize costs.
Our industry-leading solutions enable better sharing for better health, collaboration between health plans, providers and members, and technology that adapts with evolving business needs.
As you face today's healthcare challenges, compete and win with a partner that has more than 30 years' expertise empowering the largest health plans and hospital delivery systems in the country.

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Watch this short demo to learn how health plans can use the CareRadius suite to effectively manage members across the care continuum.

Review the OnDemand Webinar: Drive Outcomes and Member Engagement with Best Practice Mobile Strategies presented by Varolii and EXL.
Listen to the Enterprise Management 360 Podcast, interviewing Jay Dunlap, SVP of EXL;Extracting pure performance through real-time data in the Healthcare Industry

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