Staff and Experts

Dr. AV Ravi Kumar

Dr. AV Ravi Kumar has graduated from the andrologist/urologist faculty. He has a rich 25 years of experience as a practicing and consulting specialist. He graduated from Siddhartha Medical College in 1987.

Dr. Girish G Nelvigi

Dr. Girish G Nelvigi has 17 years of experience at the andrology and urological spheres. He has graduated from Bangalore Medical College, Bangalore in 1992. He is a consulting specialist.

Dr. TV Seshagiri

Dr. TV Seshagiri is an editor at Canadian Pharmacy. He writes articles and instructions for use of different medications. He has been working at this company for a great period of time. His great experience in various medical spheres allows him to inform people about diseases and their possible treatment.

Dr. Vimal Dassi

Dr. Vimal Dassi is one more author and editor at Canadian Pharmacy. He keeps the touch on the development of medicine in various areas. He has a rich experience which he has gained by taking part in different clinical trials and experiments.