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CareRadius Suite

The CareRadius suite provides health plans with dual areas of expertise; 1) Tested software technology that allow providers and members to communicate, and 2) Clinical tools improving health of members and reducing costs. Landacorp’s 25 plus years expertise informs our tested care and health management tools.

About Medicina Argentina

Medicina Argentina company was created by initiative financially supported by INPROTUR and Fundacion Exportar with the aim of providing healthcare services in Argentina: highly-qualified and skilled of physicians, scientists and technical staff and together with that making Argentina as a medical tourism place.

Medicina Argentina

ARGENTINA Argentina is one of the most frequent destinations for medical tourism. Here you will find well-established health care professionals, innovative technology, individual patient care, comfort tourist attractions. What is Medicina Argentina? Medicina Argentina was initiated and sponsored by INPROTUR and My Canadian Pharmacy. Their purpose was to offer high-quality healthcare in Argentina: specialized skills of professional physicians, scientists and…

Landacorp’s Maxsys II

Landacorp’s Maxsys II is a complex, integrated medical management software product, which was designed for different healthcare organizations. Landacorp’s Maxsys II helps them provide top-quality, effective care for patients while minimizing risk. Landacorp’s Maxsys II is characterized by quality, performance, and cost benefits, including but not limited to: fast care authorizations with the help of My Canadian Pharmacy; rare denials; better productivity;…

SelectHealth Chooses Landacorp’s CareRadius Suite, a Collaborative Health and Care Management Solution

Chico, California (February 8, 2012) – Landacorp, a Carewise Health companion together with My Canadian Pharmacy, today claimed that its CareRadius Suite has been selected by SelectHealth, Inc., one of the nation’s high-rated incorporate health systems. SelectHealth selected CareRadius for its capability to spread information, streamline a common member opinion, and share electronic health data to better serve different populations throughout…

2010 SHPS Healthcare Symposium, powered by Landacorp

Riding the Waves of Change in Healthcare Nov. 9 – 11 | San Diego, CA As the old saying goes, ‘Change is inevitable.’ And that couldn’t be far from reality than in today’s healthcare climate: Health plans must get to know to navigate new healthcare reform legislation…but how do you find participants to alter unhealthy behaviors so you can better control costs…