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Listen to the Enterprise Management 360 Podcast, interviewing Jay Dunlap, SVP of EXL; Extracting pure performance through real-time data in the Healthcare Industry
Download an eBook on the Future of Technology in Healthcare
Listen to Jay Dunlap, SVP of EXL, in AHIP's Marketplace Solutions' podcast.
Watch Jay Dunlap, SVP of EXL, at the 2012 World Health Care Congress.
Watch an OnDemand Webinar, ranging in topics from payer/povider collaboration to improving care management through decision analytics.
With CareRadius, everything users need to collaborate with the member is consolidated, organized and at their fingertips, including a powerful tool to identify gaps in care and initiate care programs and communications with healthcare providers. Read Look Deeper at Care Management and the CareRadius Fact Sheet to learn more.
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