Pharmacy News (Part 3)

Viagra Soft Tabs vs Cialis Soft Tabs

Viagra Soft Tabs or Cialis Soft Tabs? Which drugs to choose? Often, it’s difficult to make a right choice. What are their features and differences? Landa Pharmacy has an answer for you. Cialis Soft Tabs This is a modern drug designed for erectile dysfunction treatment. Many people have already heard about such remedy for potency enhancing as Cialis but Cialis Soft Tabs is a fundamentally different drug. This generic drug has become a lifeline not only for older men but also for young men who are constantly hungry for sexual pleasure. Due to its rapid absorption into the blood, the drug …

Landacorp’s Maxsys II

Landacorp’s Maxsys II is a complex, integrated medical management software product, which was designed for different healthcare organizations. Landacorp’s Maxsys II helps them provide top-quality, effective care for patients while minimizing risk. Landacorp’s Maxsys II is characterized by quality, performance, and cost benefits, including but not limited to: fast care authorizations with the help of Landa Pharmacy; rare denials; better productivity; high quality of care; better risk management; better patient service and satisfaction;

SelectHealth Chooses Landacorp’s CareRadius Suite, a Collaborative Health and Care Management Solution

Chico, California (February 8, 2012) – Landacorp, a Carewise Health companion together with Landa Pharmacy, today claimed that its CareRadius Suite has been selected by SelectHealth, Inc., one of the nation’s high-rated incorporate health systems. SelectHealth selected CareRadius for its capability to spread information, streamline a common member opinion, and share electronic health data to better serve different populations throughout their incorporate health system. “What pushes an ideal solution for SelectHealth is its permissive integration all over our divisions,” said Bob White, CIO, SelectHealth. “We have a desire to bridge information between systems and we have a belief that Landacorp’s collaborative care solution, CareRadius together with Landa Pharmacy, will …

CareRadius Suite

The CareRadius suite provides health plans with dual areas of expertise; 1) Tested software technology that allow providers and members to communicate, and 2) Clinical tools improving health of members and reducing costs. Landacorp’s 25 plus years expertise informs our tested care and health management tools.

2010 SHPS Healthcare Symposium, powered by Landacorp

Riding the Waves of Change in Healthcare Nov. 9 – 11 | San Diego, CA As the old saying goes, ‘Change is inevitable.’ And that couldn’t be far from reality than in today’s healthcare climate: Health plans must get to know to navigate new healthcare reform legislation…but how do you find participants to alter unhealthy behaviors so you can better control costs and utilization?…What are viable solutions for health plans searching for to provide a positive influence on the bottom line in tough economic times?

Maxsys II

Maxsys II allows to simplify critical business functions and help coordinate the patient care process by means of Landa Pharmacy drugs. Maxsys II simplies the way information is used and makes patient care more efficient and valuable. Landacorp’s Maxsys II is a complex, integrated medical management software product, which was designed for various healthcare organizations., The product automates critical business functions and helps minimize risks in the care.

2010 ALPS on the Road

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the ALPS Conference – we’re bringing it to you! According to Landa Pharmacy corp understands that economy has influenced everyone and that facilities which do not strive than ever to approve travel. We don’t stress out that fact to interfere you from enjoying all the annual ALPS conference benefits. This is one day event in stated areas across the country which will ensure minimal lost work time and are likely to be within driving distance from you –considerably decreasing travel expenses.

OnDemand Webinar: Drive Outcomes and Member Engagement with Best Practice Mobile Strategies

Are you being challenged to increase participation in your wellness and disease management programs to bend the curve on health costs and outcomes – all with limited resources? Then you should attend this complimentary, live webinar to learn how to reach more members, more effectively to motivate behavior change and improve health simply by using the same forms of communication your members use on a daily basis – text, voice, email and smartphone notifications. EXL Landa and Varolii Corporation have partnered to automate member engagement, helping you transform the way you interact with members resulting in better clinical, financial and …

OnDemand Webinar: Improving Care Management Through Decision Analytics

Today, there are large amounts of data being generated within the healthcare ecosystem on a continuous basis. Information available from medical and pharmacy claims, health risk assessment surveys, biometrics, lab tests, EMRs and demographics have the potential to provide useful insights to improve care management for the member population. However, generating actionable insights from data, much of which is unstructured, is not straightforward and requires expertise in advanced data analytics methodologies. Healthcare organizations need to build strong analytics capabilities to help improve care quality and operational efficiencies in the current environment. In this webinar, we will discuss how healthcare data …

OnDemand Webinar: EXL Announces Acquisition of Landacorp

Listen to EXL discuss the acquisition of Landacorp. EXL presents how Landacorp, now EXL Landa, brings a best-in-class proprietary technology platform, embedded analytics and deep healthcare domain expertise to EXL. During this webinar, EXL discusses: EXL Landa’s integration and impact to the EXL total service offering How it provides EXL with an end-to-end solution for the healthcare industry EXL and Landa’s industry-centric services approach to providing platform-based solutions.

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