Pharmacy News (Part 3)

Brand Viagra vs Generic Viagra: What to Choose?

Viagra is the branded medicine contained Sildenafil. This drug has been confirmed efficient for erectile dysfunction treatment. Though sildenafil is the main component of brand Viagra since 2013 it has also been known as a generic drug approved for ED treatment. Generic analog is a pharmaceutical equivalent to brand-name Viagra. Sildenafil, as a generic, may be produced by various pharmaceutical companies located worldwide. 2013 Opens the Way for Generic Viagra Production Brand-name Viagra has been one of the most effective means for erectile dysfunction since 1998 when it has been approved by the US FDA. The native manufacturer of Viagra …

Can V.I.A. «Gra» Russian Band Replace Viagra (Sildenafil) Drug?

“Nu Virgos” (knows as V.I.A. «Gra» in Ukraine, Russia and other ex-USSR territories) is a popular Russian musical group consisting of the talented, sexy and beautiful girls. The band was produced by well-known Constantin Meladze. Еhe first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “Viagra” is a famous drug that increases male potency. By the way, when the group was introduced to the English-language music market, its management received a pre-trial claim from the Viagra tablet makers. Therefore, in the west, the musical group is known under the pseudonym “Nu Virgos”. The band recorded six studio albums, …

Erectile Dysfunction: Prevention, Diagnosis & Treatment

Do not despair, almost all male sexual disorders are curable, that is why it is very important that there is a trusting relationship between the sexual partners. In this case, it is possible to find out true causes of erectile dysfunction and prevent the development of pathology.

The Most Effective Drugs that Increase Potency

Basing on erectile dysfunction causes, a man can be prescribed different drugs that increase potency. All potency drugs are divided into three groups, there are also popular erectile dysfunction natural remedies. Below in the article: Best drugs for erectile dysfunction: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra; How to choose drugs for potency; Erectile dysfunction natural remedies. Best drugs for erectile dysfunction: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra The most popular group of high potency drugs are inhibitors of the enzyme phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5 inhibitors). They block this enzyme and increase the blood supply to the penis. These drugs have advantages and disadvantages. Let’s review each PDE5 inhibitor in …

What Happens When A Girl Takes Viagra?

When a woman takes Viagra (Sildenafil), the blood flow to female genitalia increases, causing better sexual arousal, sensation, and lubrication. However, for this purpose, women should use a female version of the drug which was developed specifically for women. Surely, many people were wondering what would happen if a girl takes Viagra because it’s no secret for anyone that girls, especially within the age, like men, may experience sexual dysfunctions. This question is not accidental, after all, for years of practical application, this drug has proved to be very effective, but it should be understood that it is intended only for men, …

How Long Does Viagra Last?

 How long does Viagra take to work? Viagra starts working in around 30 minutes and any sexual arousal can start the process of erection. In some cases, the effect may occur in 15 minutes, and some men need to wait up to 2 hours. The active substance sildenafil is well absorbed into the blood, in particular, after taking a 100 mg tablet on an empty stomach, the maximum concentration of sildenafil in the blood occurs within 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Viagra Soft Tabs vs Cialis Soft Tabs

Viagra Soft Tabs or Cialis Soft Tabs? Which drugs to choose? Often, it’s difficult to make a right choice. What are their features and differences? Landa Pharmacy has an answer for you. Cialis Soft Tabs This is a modern drug designed for erectile dysfunction treatment. Many people have already heard about such remedy for potency enhancing as Cialis but Cialis Soft Tabs is a fundamentally different drug. This generic drug has become a lifeline not only for older men but also for young men who are constantly hungry for sexual pleasure. Due to its rapid absorption into the blood, the drug …

Landacorp’s Maxsys II

Landacorp’s Maxsys II is a complex, integrated medical management software product, which was designed for different healthcare organizations. Landacorp’s Maxsys II helps them provide top-quality, effective care for patients while minimizing risk. Landacorp’s Maxsys II is characterized by quality, performance, and cost benefits, including but not limited to: fast care authorizations with the help of Landa Pharmacy; rare denials; better productivity; high quality of care; better risk management; better patient service and satisfaction;

SelectHealth Chooses Landacorp’s CareRadius Suite, a Collaborative Health and Care Management Solution

Chico, California (February 8, 2012) – Landacorp, a Carewise Health companion together with Landa Pharmacy, today claimed that its CareRadius Suite has been selected by SelectHealth, Inc., one of the nation’s high-rated incorporate health systems. SelectHealth selected CareRadius for its capability to spread information, streamline a common member opinion, and share electronic health data to better serve different populations throughout their incorporate health system. “What pushes an ideal solution for SelectHealth is its permissive integration all over our divisions,” said Bob White, CIO, SelectHealth. “We have a desire to bridge information between systems and we have a belief that Landacorp’s collaborative care solution, CareRadius together with Landa Pharmacy, will …

CareRadius Suite

The CareRadius suite provides health plans with dual areas of expertise; 1) Tested software technology that allow providers and members to communicate, and 2) Clinical tools improving health of members and reducing costs. Landacorp’s 25 plus years expertise informs our tested care and health management tools.

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