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How to Get Better in Bed? Good Sex Tips


Sex is one of the key moments in a relationship. To strengthen a relationship, sex should bring real pleasure. How to get better in bed? How to get more sexually active? Read better sex tips.

How to prepare for sex?

Both a man and a woman need to be rested and not hungry. You can take a relaxing bath with exciting essential oils before intimacy. The aromas of pine, chamomile, linden also increase sexual energy. Do not forget to cook foods for better sex – aphrodisiacs, including seafood, chocolate or nuts. Seafood increases sex drive best of all. All these steps will prepare you and your partner for sexual games psychologically.

Learn erogenous zones

The more partners will caress each other, the more arousal will come. A good prelude is a guaranty of an unforgettable orgasm.

  • Female 7 erogenous zones are lips, neck, ear, chest, nipples, inner thighs, clitoris, buttocks, legs and back parts of the knees. Of course, every woman has different sensitivity, but the research of such zones can be included in sexual games anyway.
  • A man also has many “hot” zones. Male erogenous zones are penis, anus, legs, crotch, armpits, neck, nose. In general, it is worth noting that the hottest area in man is around the penis. You’d better not distract by stimulating other zones and focus on this area.

How to be good in bed – erotic thoughts

The exchange of sexual fantasies, memories of bright episodes from a common intimate life and even erotic movies excite both partners. When the head is busy with this kind of sexual thoughts, you become very excited and to want sex.

Sometimes, even a strong stimulation does not provide the body with a sufficient amount of natural lubrication. This can interfere with orgasm, so it is recommended to have a lubricant at hand.

Drugs that increase potency

How to have better sex_

  • Remove monotony from your sex life. The constant sex position reduces sensitivity. It is not necessary to study the Kama Sutra, just use a “rider” position or others. Something new will help to get an unforgettable orgasm.
  • The guaranty of orgasm is long sex. How to last longer in bed? How to stop premature ejaculation? You may take pills, prolongation to get a strong erection. There are many premature ejaculation drugs that influence potency and erectile function. One of these drugs is Viagra (Sildenafil)¬†from Landa¬†Pharmacy. Viagra effectively treats erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil improves a flow of blood to the penis providing a natural erection. Instructions on how to take Viagra can be found on specialized websites.

Another erectile dysfunction drug that helps fight impotence is Cialis (Tadalafil). Just one tablet is enough to get an unforgettable orgasm. You can also buy Cialis online at Landa Pharmacy.

Female sexual dysfunction exists as well. If you wonder how to increase female sex drive, you can try Women’s Viagra. The drug influences the concentration of testosterone in the blood and increases sensitivity to stimulation.

Now you know how to satisfy a woman in bed and how to get an unforgettable orgasm. Love and be happy!