EXL Purchases Landacorp To Provide Better Solutions For The Healthcare Industry

On October 15, 2012, ExlService Holdings, Inc. (also known as “EXL”) reported it has bought Landacorp Inc., greatly increasing its chances to provide better services in the healthcare industry.

Landacorp is a popular company which provides quality care management with millions of employers on its platforms. The company has introduced technology analytical solutions for payers, plan participants and healthcare organizationы. These solutions help to improve health and save huge money. Landacorp’s goal is to blend a payer’s data to establish plans, support cooperation among healthcare providers and make better health decisions.

“I am happy to report our purchase of Landacorp, which provides us with a smart solution for the healthcare industry, and which complies with our aim, ” said Vice Chairman of EXL. “This purchase brings us a top quality technology platform, fixed analytics and broad healthcare domain expertise. Equally relevant are Landacorp’s solid cooperation with many large health insurers and its strong idea of client orientation. We strive to establish a powerful position in healthcare by blending care management solutions, clinical outsourcing tools and oriented analytics. We know that this will be a fascinating offer for healthcare payers and make ExlService Holdings, Inc. a perfect partner as they face the capabilities of the market situation.”

For a few years, healthcare has been a productive and rapidly developing domain for ExlService Holdings, Inc. The company has produced a confident impact on its clients with potent analytics specific to healthcare, and potent clinical tools including over 700 nurses and doctors. The Landacorp purchase strengthens our ability to help the healthcare industry with positive outcomes by blending technology, operational ability and analytics.

“EXL is a perfect home for Landacorp since it has a clear understanding for creating its healthcare practice and great financial power,” said General Manager of Landacorp. “Healthcare payers want to reduce costs by improving operational capability, to provide better health outcomes and to increase the customer practice. These dynamics are enhancing the value of healthcare management systems. I am happy to improve our opportunities and blend them with our worldwide opportunities, analytics, and client communication to grow the value of Landacorp to consumers.”Healthcare offers a tempting development opportunity for ExlService Holdings, Inc., as the industry faces high costs, deadlines, enrollments, and a constant lack of analytical specialists. =

Prior to this purchase, Landacorp was supplementary to SHPS, Inc. Now, it will be known as EXL Landa.

EXL will organize a formal meeting to speak on the purchase of Landacorp. The formal meeting will be available online at ir.exlservice.com. If you want to view it, please go to the website in advance in order to create a personal account and make sure you have the needed software.

You can also listen to the formal meeting via phone, for this you need to dial 1-877-303-6384 or 1-224-357-2191 and an operator will help you. For those who cannot view the live translation, a replay will be available on ir.exlservice.com.

About ExlService Holdings, Inc.
ExlService Holdings, Inc. provides operations management and analytics services in the United States and the United Kingdom. The company operates in two segments: operational management and analytics (in the customer life cycle management system, in the area of risk underwriting and pricing, operational efficiency, monitoring and credit and operational risk management, regulatory reporting and data management).