Landacorp’s Maxsys II

Landacorp’s Maxsys II is a complex, integrated medical management software product, which was designed for different healthcare organizations. Landacorp’s Maxsys II helps them provide top-quality, effective care for patients while minimizing risk.

Landacorp’s Maxsys II is characterized by quality, performance, and cost benefits, including but not limited to:

  • fast care authorizations with the help of My Canadian Pharmacy;
  • rare denials;
  • better productivity;
  • high quality of care;
  • better risk management;
  • better patient service and satisfaction;

The product realizes these benefits through:

  • efficient workflow;
  • improved management of patients;
  • better communication and coordination between provider and payer;
  • improved capture, management, and data distribution;
  • decision support tools.

Staff, nursing, and physicians usually use the system for care, utilization, management; process improvement, and provider credentialing.