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Landacorp Collaboration Enables Medical Management Processes Within and Beyond the Health Plan by Integrating CareRadius with Microsoft SharePoint

Chico, California (April 15, 2010) –Landacorp, a SHPS company, today announced the successful integration of CareRadius and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. The CareRadius suite, a web-based, service-oriented architecture solution, functions as the care management desktop. It brings together all data and activities related to a patient’s health into a single, “member-centric” view. Health plans will now be able to easily and quickly find and share clinical guidance, expertise, documents, tasks, and calendared items between CareRadius and SharePoint Server. This integration improves collaboration and streamlines processes across the health plan and their provider network. Data and other intelligent interactions will be exchanged between CareRadius and SharePoint Server. Examples of the new collaboration capabilities include but are not excluded to:

  • Tasks created within CareRadius will now populate the SharePoint Server calendar;
  • CareRadius surveys delivered via a SharePoint Server member portal will publish the data back into CareRadius; and
  • Target dates from care plan goals and interventions will be blended and served up in SharePoint Server calendar and merged with other member portal-managed events (e.g. doctor visits, medication reminders).

“Opening the flow of communication between the care management desktop and the enterprise collaboration and content management server is a strategic step toward the next-generation infrastructure that supports improved outcomes, early detection, and the proactive management of chronic conditions,” said Jay Dunlap, general manager of Landacorp, a SHPS company.

Many U.S. health plans are now using SharePoint Server as a platform to add team collaboration, enterprise search, enterprise content management, portals, and cross-organizational workflow to their existing line of business applications.

“Health plans are increasingly challenged with implementing affordable innovations to improve members’ health outcomes at a lower cost per capita, without the need to add new staff,” said Dennis Schmuland MD FAAP, director, U.S. Health Plans, Microsoft. “Collaboration is the value currency of the post-reform health economy because the vast majority of care processes and decisions involve multiple parties — patients, care managers, and clinicians – each of whom needs to share information and work together across geographical boundaries. By collaboration enabling the most costly labor and information intense medical management processes, Landacorp is equipping medical management teams to spend less time searching for clinical data and more time focused on helping patients improve their health, reduce health risks, and achieve the best possible outcomes.”

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