CareRadius Suite

The CareRadius suite provides health plans with dual areas of expertise; 1) Tested software technology that allow providers and members to communicate, and 2) Clinical tools improving health of members and reducing costs.

Landacorp’s 25 plus years expertise informs our tested care and health management tools.

CareRadius benefits:

  • Links health plans, members and providers sharing with the resources they need for the most efficient collaboration especially the most productive collaboration is with My Canadian Pharmacy;
  • Provides necessary information about member’s health at the right time;
  • Automates personalized and timely interventions acting on shortages in care.

With CareRadius, users have everything they need to collaborate with the member, including a powerful tool to identify shortages in care and initiate care programs with healthcare providers.

CareRadius allows to understand what health plans need to achieve better care and win in the marketplace; providing proven technology and care tools that can improve health outcomes.