CareRadius® Suite

The Power of Collaborative Care.
Industry stakeholders have a growing need to share data and risk between providers, plans, and patients and to find new ways to collaborate around patient health. CareRadius® Suite is designed to help complex health plans integrate both internal and external data components and connect the entire healthcare team: providers, case managers, coaches, pharmacists – even the members themselves.
CareRadius® allows health plans, providers and members to share relevant tools and real-time information via bi-directional communications for better health decision-making.
CareRadius®' robust 360-degree view of the member enables care collaboration from wellness to chronic condition management resulting in improved member health and lower healthcare costs.

CareRadius® is configurable to adapt to the changing healthcare environment enabling better care management that results in greater compliance and pay-for-performance.
Health plans, providers and members all need to share information for better health and an efficient healthcare system. CareRadius® is the collaborative care desktop that will get the right information, to the right people, at the right time to impact health.
Watch this short demo to learn how health plans can use the CareRadius® Suite to effectively manage members across the care continuum.
Review the CareRadius® Product Sheet and for a CareRadius® demonstration, please contact us through our contact page.