Care Radius The CareRadius® suite enables better SHARING for better health, COLLABORATION between health plans, providers and members, and technology with the ability to ADAPT to your evolving business needs. Learn more here.

Our Partners

EXL partnerships leverage the combined power of industry-leading healthcare companies to maximize and enhance your collaborative health and care management solution.

  • Seamless integration of healthcare and technology applications
  • Excellent customer service and satisfaction
  • Coordinated product delivery and support


CareRadius® suite integrates the Healthwise® Knowledgebase into its care management application. Health plans using CareRadius® have access to more than 6,000 Knowledgebase topics on chronic conditions, wellness, medical tests, procedures and medicines to educate members. All information along with the copy of the content is stored within CareRadius® for further reference, auditing and reporting. The value of the integration is clinicians receiving specific information for the member's unique condition within the workflow right at the time it is needed.

"CareRadius® seamlessly integrates the Healthwise® Knowledgebase into its care management application, providing members the information and tools they need to take an active role in their care.”
Jim Giuffré, Healthwise®
President and COO


InterQual® products from McKesson lead the industry in evidence-based clinical decision support. Integrated into CareRadius® suite, InterQual helps increase consistency in clinical decisions by providing a common clinical language to align payers and providers in care management decisions at all points of care. The end result is improved efficiency and improved health outcomes.

"[EXL] has been a great partner over the years as we've continued to push for ongoing advances in solutions that improve health outcomes.”
Matthew Zubiller, McKesson
Vice President, Decision Management for McKesson
Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft® SharePoint® is a powerful system that enables users to work collaboratively in a web-based environment. By integrating with SharePoint®, CareRadius® suite can equip medical management teams to efficiently find the information they need, reducing labor costs.

"By collaboration enabling the most costly labor and information intense medical management processes, [EXL] is equipping medical management teams to spend less time searching for clinical data and more time focused on helping patients improve their health, reduce health risks, and achieve the best possible outcomes.”
Dennis Schmuland MD FAAP,
Director, U.S. Health Plans, Microsoft®


MCG's advanced clinical content with CareRadius® suite better optimizes care planning and improves evidence-based clinical review--while meeting and maintaining industry accreditation standards.

"By combining our advanced clinical content with [EXL's] care management solution, we actually leverage the power of each to even better optimize the care planning automation."
Lynn Nemiccolo, MCG
Vice President of Product Management
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